Summary of the conference

On behalf of team we are happy to announce that,

on the 18th of September, 2018 in the national stadium “PGE Narodowy” in Warsaw was held the 'Energy From Waste Today' conference which summarized the project. Among the speakers who took the floor were Mr. Radosław Domagała (NFEP&WM), Mr. Aleksander Karkos (Interlogic Sp. z o. o), Mr. Robert Jadczyk (JTC S.A.), Mrs. Klaudia Pietryszyn and Mr. Arkadiusz Primus (Investeko S.A.). The main theme of the conference was, which was a review throughout all the years of the project taking into account difficult situations and the experience gained which can be considered a great asset. Other topics presented and discussed during the conference were the latest amendment to the Waste Act and its market consequences, the possibility of obtaining EU financial support for pro-ecological projects related to the energy from waste and the role of automation in industrial installations. During the conference, a discussion panel was organized with invited experts from the private investor, scientific community and environmental protection sector.

For this exceptional event, we would like to thank each and everyone, especially the speakers and the guests.

Below can be found some photographs from the conference:

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