Discover expected results.

Expected Results

A. One prototype demo plant for energetic management of energetic fraction of municipal waste and sewage sludge with alternative fuel forming, gasification process and highly efficient cogeneration in a single process line.

The prototype will reach following parameters:

Power in the fuel: 1,3MW

Electric power in cogeneration: 180kW

Gross thermal power: 500kW

Thermal power in cogeneration unit: 250kW

maximum capacity: 300 kg/h

B. Evaluation and optimization of key parameters of individual operations within technology process

C. One Environmental Impact Statement – document to present ecological influence of the demo plant

D. One Energetic Balance – document to present energetic flow in whole technology process

E. One Venture Economic Analysis – document to present economic feasibility of technology

F. Increase in knowledge among target audience on newly developed technology for energetic
management of waste, incl:

- 16 national and 3 international (EU) debates/informational meetings
- 10 workshops for direct demonstration of technological process

G. Broad dissemination of information on the project, its objectives, actions and results, incl:

- active participation in 5 trade fairs
- handouts (incl. 10000leaflets, 5000brochures, 3000folders, 1000DVDs)
- launching and constant updating of 1 project website and 2 social network profiles
- 1 virtual presentation of technology process
- 5 articles in professional magazines
- 1 documentary film on project implementation
- 3 conferences to disseminate project and technology (min. 450pers attendance)

H. Prevalance in EU of new technology for thermal treatment of energetic fraction and sewage sludge
to produce energy. The long-term impact are both: increase in usage of these waste materials and the
percent increase in the share of renewables in energy production

Such prototype will allow to confirm feasibility of the technology in a full industrial scale – with the following

minimum parameters:
electric power – 1,5MW
gross thermal power – 4,3MW
Capacity: 20.000Mg/y.

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