Taktyk Ltd.

Taktyk Ltd. has been operating since 2009, offering advisory and consulting services in the field of raising funds for projects in the area of innovation services (including, but not limited to: research and development, training and coaching).

Taktyk Ltd. brings together a group of professionals from various fields, who have the requisite knowledge and experience amassed over years of effective practice. Having garnered a wealth of expertise, they are well placed to provide clients with services at the highest available level. Key staff members have been active in several funding mechanisms including, but not limited to: FP6 , FP7, HORIZON 2020, PO KL, PO IG, ZPORR , LIFE+, ERASMUS+ and others.

Taktyk Ltd. employees have over ten years experience in applying for project funding, successful management of projects, as well as in the auditing of projects. Taktyk Ltd. was responsible for monitoring the implementation of more than 10 projects and our employees, as part of their professional experience, have audited more than 50 projects.

Taktyk Ltd. supports clients in the fields of implementation and monitoring of projects to fulfil the most demanding expectations and guarantees client assuredness in the efficacy of our services.

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